Solace in Something Bigger: The Work of BLACKSNEAKERS


My first illustration during quarantine, this piece focuses on weighing the even and odds within yourself, which could be a rough situation based on the context, but eventually finding solace in something bigger. 

“Some Things Are Larger Than Life”

In some instances, we can feel small possibly insignificant while the rest go by seeming bigger and not knowledgeable of our internal struggles. This piece represents that fleeting moment of doubt and uncertainty of our role in life.

“Mirror Mirror” 

A take on our personal rivalry with vanity while trying to remain true to ourselves. The consistency of mirrors are reflections of how there’s always the larger or minor things about us that could be changed, except those changes differ based on actual necessities or that of the opinions of the status quo. As black women, this a constant situation as we’re never enough for society, yet being true to ourselves, is the true beauty that the former should accept.

Blacksneakers is an illustrator and painter based in North Carolina, USA. 

Her primary focus is on the human body. She is able to express concepts of emotion, mentality, and physicality while combining it with vibrant color schemes to create complex, black narratives. As a young, black woman, she feels it’s best to contribute her voice to a community already unique and beautiful.

As for these past several months, her work can be found in the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, and has also been featured in several publications such as the Washington Post. And most recently she has participated in the Black Lives Matter mural in her city of Greensboro downtown.