In New Ways: Art & Direction with Ryan Oakley

How did you first get into art? So, I was born in Los Angeles but raised in Greensboro. I always liked art and was always drawing but I ultimately thought I was going to get into medicine so that’s what I was more so pursuing when I went to undergrad. Even though I still majored … More

Solace in Something Bigger: The Work of BLACKSNEAKERS

“Catch”  My first illustration during quarantine, this piece focuses on weighing the even and odds within yourself, which could be a rough situation based on the context, but eventually finding solace in something bigger.  “Some Things Are Larger Than Life” In some instances, we can feel small possibly insignificant while the rest go by seeming … More

Tick in the Windswept Grass & The Seedroom

Tick in the Windswept Grass Blown back—air rivuletsand calls itself a formed thing,without a name, that tossesthe tick from stalk to airand the endlessness of beingcarried off into an object which is notan object, which is only air, after all,but isn’t it? Endless, the feeling,and it does end, from air to stalk,another place to dream … More

Scarlet Opia: Bridging Distance with Art in the work of Alexandra Lee

              There’s so much beauty in peoples’ faces. With COVID-19 spreading, the face has become an alien thing. “Do not touch your face,” the news says, “Stay six feet apart.” The problem with “six feet apart” is that you fail to see the finite details. People are more than just carriers of a virus, and … More

To Whoever Witnesses It: An interview with Donovan Zimmerman of Paperhand Puppet Intervention

Donovan Zimmerman is a director and co-founder of the activist organization Paperhand Puppet Intervention. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Zimmerman traveled the world before establishing Paperhand in Saxapahaw, NC alongside Jan Burger in 1998. Paperhand Puppet Intervention works to cultivate love for the earth and justice for its inhabitants through mediums of art, storytelling, and community … More

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